Are School ties trendy worn - fully tucked in the Shirt (eg Top button?).?

not entirely sure what you mean but ill just talk about tie fashion =)
having your whole tie tucked in is trendy at the moment. when i was in school it was just the guys that did it, not sure what it's like now
they used to make us tuck them in for science and i guess the trend went from there
the girls trend was to have them really short and loose and hanging down to your belly button
i personally used to have it normal length and just loosen mine and not tuck it in at all, more of a grunge look
another fashion was to rip the label out of the back and because ours had lines on we used to unthread the colours too (had a black background)
aww i miss school
ties are usually worn with the top button undone and the tie down a bit. the thin bit gets tucked into the first gap in between the secod and third button, and the thick bit to the tie either gets tucked in maybe a gap or two below the thin tie, or just below the bust. boys generally either just unbutton the top button and leave both bits out, or unbutton the top button and just tuck in the thin bit.
you tuck your tie in your shirt? why? whats the point of a tie if your going to tuck it in? jees, all you'll be left with is a knot and that doesnt look very fashionable does it?
If you go to school at St Trininas (ask your mum if your'e too young to remember it) or are going to a fancy dress, go for it. lol.
Well in my school ties are worn quiet loose and the top two buttons are left undone, or top one, depending what your shirt is like.
If you're wearing something over your shirt (tank top, jumper) then tuck your tie in, but if you're just wearing your shirt and tie, then if your tie is totally un-even, tuck the little back bit into a button hole so you don't see it, or tuck it through the lable of your tie, or up the cut-hole thing at the bottom, lolz. If your tie is even, don't tuck it in..

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