At whath age should children be able to read??

It really depends on the child. Some are developmentally ready between the ages of 3 -4, others not until closer to 8. The best thing to do to raise a reader is to read to them as often as possible from the time of their birth & to let them see you reading. Point out words to them as you go through books, as you drive around, in the market & everywhere. Try to relax & not pressure them into feeling a failure (or that you're a failure as a parent) because they haven't met some arbitrary day on a calendar. or because some of their friends are already into Harry Potter while they are in Level 1 or 2 readers. For some children the usual phonics & reading lessons are the wrong approach. For our daughter it took lots of tries & we found a program that used arm motions & sounds for each letter instead of just the name. That wasn't until she was about 7 1/2. She now reads two grade levels above her age & gets into trouble for reading when she has other activities or chores to do - so be careful what you wish for ;o).
Around the age of 6.
they learn a little in kindergarden like cat dog, and it gets progressed more, but they really about the middle of 1st grade
At the age of 12.
They should be able to do ABC's, and spell their name by ages 2-3, and reading simple words and phrases by age4.
Ability alone is not sufficient,as a parent you must cultivate a 'love' of reading by setting an example,reading well is a fundamental requirement if a child is to succeed in their endeavors.Functionally illiterate people are at a disadvantage
and not likely to amount to much.
It depends on the individual child. You can't put an age limit and expect all kids to conform since you don't know their backgrounds. Boys tend to be slightly slower than girls and those born prematurely often need a bit longer to catch up with peers the same age.

Typically, children start to recognise letters and words by the age of three to five (again, depends on the child and where they are educated since some kids start formal education aged four while others won't start until they are six or seven). They make good progress by the age of seven to nine.

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