This middle university algebra same as college algebra?

Cause I'm in 8 level and I have a middle institution algebra book not pre-algebra and I have a college algebra book I want to know if it's one and the same cause the problems on college book are process harder than the middle school one and the middle academy book looks like the math i took surrounded by 7 grade but my guru told me that some times in university there inculcate you algebra when your done learning pre algebra contained by 7 grade an is that true

Answers:    It is doubtful that your middle conservatory algebra text is equivalent to college algebra. Most glorious school algebra text are not equivalent either. Algebra is a to a certain extent big topic and most of your middle through high college courses will be spiralling your instruction up to the entry level for college algebra. Here is an exmaple. Most of Algebra I is dealing beside simple relationships and linear equations. Algebra II in large school begin to introduce you to quadratic equations. In college you will brush past these two beside great speed and move into other functional relationships.
That would depend on who is teaching the class. When I took College Algebra, it covered the nuts and bolts of Algebra and Algebra 2 with trigonometry. Having taken middle conservatory Algebra, you would be better prepared to use that information at a higher height.

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