Assessment of 4 yr old help?

I would like to know what type of assessment activities I could/should do to assess the current level of understanding and development of a 4 year old. Maybe something along the lines of an assessment that a Reception teacher would use when children first enter the school. Any links to relevant URLs would be great. I am a teacher, but more experienced with upper juniors. I have been asked to do this assessment as a favour to a friend and I want to get it right! Thanks in advance.

do an internet search for foundation stage curriculum. This is the statutory curriculum guidance for children aged 3-5. This will give you appropriate information. The curriculum is changing soon to early years foundation stage which covers birth to five you might also benefit from looking at this
basic counting to ten forward and backwards
If you don't mind me saying...being a teacher, wouldn't you have contact with a school board which might be able to advise you as to what sort of test is available. And in all honesty, isn't 4 year old a little too young to be given an assessment test?
I'm not an educator but I home schooled. American Christian Academy offers on line assessment. ACE They are diagnostic test for each age group worked on line by the student with your supervision. It also defines learning gaps.
You'll be favorably impressed with their credentials.
At that age you could use the original Binet mental age tests. Achievement tests are pretty pointless.
this is a small child basic abc and counting also colours should be well enough

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