8 yr old child with no education!?

Question:Hi, I have recently found out that a mother who had said they would home school their children has not been doing. In particular, the 8 year old child can not read or write. What can happen about this by law? What would happen to the mother by law as she has not provided her children with any form of home schooling? Thanks.

If you are in the UK, ring your county council and ask for the Local Education Authority (LEA) or go to http://www.dcfs.gov.uk/
Education Otherwise, can offer legal advice,
Website: http://www.education-otherwise.org...
Email: inquiries@education-otherwise.
It depends on the state in which they live. Contact the local school system about it.
In my state that is illegal.
if you are in the uk the education board should be notified. there should be checks done on a regular basis on homeschoolers
she should be shot and hung (in no particular order ;) ) isnt that kind of like not sending your child to school? thats just wrong for the child and the mother is an idiot
The law says children MUST attend school.
A mother in our area has been charged for educational NEGLECT by the prosecutor. The school system filed the charges because the children had missed too many days of school and had frequently been tardy.
Authorities (school and law) should be notified of the 8yr old's situation. Such authorities are obligated by law to see that parents educate their children.
Call the Board of Education. They may be able to help you. Home schooled kids have to take tests to find out if they are learning what is required by law.
call the police let them come out and investigate it..
the mother is not giving the child a chance in a very competitive world, not being able to read and write is a disability, the parents of the child should seek special education immediately as the child is still eight, she has three years before reaching secondary school, you can learn to read and write in three years, as long as the child is also willing, it is very possible there are children who come to the uk and canot speak a lick of english, but after a year or two they speak acceptable english, write acceptable english and can read it too, as the child can already speak english, she still has a lot of potential, its in the childs best interests to go to school, (if your'e the mother don't let your own experience of school, prevent your daughter from living a full and healthy life)

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