Back to School..?

Question:Who is looking forward to it and who is dreading it

And what are you doing to prepare??

I've already started. :( All-honors classes + work + college searching = busy year.
I am looking forward to it but not really I just want to see my friends again. WHat am I doing to get ready is going to the store and getting school supplies and I am going to the store and getting clothes and trying them on and then I wash them and just the bassic!
Growwl. I have already back to school from my June School vacation. Also, my examinations are coming on the following week. My country education system is different from yours. School vacations for primary and secondary schools are only one week in March, 1 month in June, 1 week in September and 1-2 months on term 4. Me and my fellow and classmates are dreading at it while my school principal and those who are hardworking is looking forward to it.

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I already went back on Monday! Summer seemed so's alright though.
its cool cause i just started the 6th grade and i am making alot of new friends and seeing alot of hot boys to have a chance to go out with , its a whole new experience i am so glad school started ,(. didn't school start on monday because i did
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I am looking forward to learning new things and being better...I suppose...

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