6th form at a boy's school?

Question:I'm a girl going into an all boys sixth form from an all girls high school! I'm quite nervous. I'll be like 1 of 2 girls there. Any tips on what to do/how to cope?

Lol...I'd agree with making friends with the other girl, but boys are no harder to get on with than girls. Most of those boys will have been to that school since they were 11 and will have had very little contact with girls...you'll probably be such a novelty to them they'll be falling over themselves to be your friend!
Just remember that public school boys are a bit like spiders...more scared of you than you are of them :-P
make friends with the other girl there and maybee she might have friends who are boys so then you will become friends with her friends. dont worry you are bound to make friends there =]

good luck
take a list of all your school friends with you, and start a dating agency.
make friends with the other girl like above said, but also don't be put off just because they are lads, make friends with them too, and hey, i bet loads of girls are gying to be in your place.

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