7th grade?


Organization is the key for middle school. Be organized and you will be ready for anything that comes your way!
On the first days you should.
Try to get on your teacher's good side. Don't suck up to them or be a teachers pet, but be attentave (sp?) and ask if you have a question.
Make friends! If you see a kid sitting alone, invite him/ her over and get to know them!
You should sit in the middle row of your classes, you don't want to seem like a teacher's pet, but you don't want to seem like you don't care what the teacher is saying. The middle is your safe zone, and most of the kids will be sitting there.
Make sure you know all the teacher's rules and grading habits.
The rest of the year
Do your homework the day it is given, not 10 minutes before the due date, the same goes to studying.
Be yourself! And a new year is a chance to make new friends!
Good luck! I promise you will make it through!
have fun.
don't try to fit in.
you shouldn't be worrying,
worry in high school.
no, don't even worry there.
it's just school !
Don't worry. I am going to be an 8th grader. Just watch out people were serious in 7th grade no acting up unless you want detention i don't care but just fyi. Uhm people are extremly judgemental.. periods. boys... just focus on your work and stay out of drama. You'll be ok.
im goin to 8 grade 7 grade is eazy dont worry people are going to be judeing u alot i mean alot either good or bad dont worry about it
7th grade is SO much fun!!
I started 7th grade last tuesday!!
it is so much fun.
Be your self.
what do you need help with?
go with the flow and look forward to 8th grade.
Hey, don't panic. You'll be fine. Middle school were some of my best years. I'm a junior in high school and I now miss the easy work. lol 7th grade is pretty easy for the most part. Just pay attention and don't get on your teachers bad sides and you'll be absolutely fine. Try getting involved in some sports or clubs as well. Good luck!

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