Any tips to make the honor roll in high school?

Question:like A's abd B's

Well do your homework every single night. Study a few nights before a test/quiz. Study a lot and look it over and over again so you have it drilled to your brain. If you suck in one area still try your best but make sure with that that you have a strong area. To balence that grade out.

For me homework I get an A
For tests I get a C on average overall.

So I get a B I maybe weak but I try harder to improve my tests and homework comes in handy to boost up my weakness.
STAY ORGANIZED! Keep binders at home for every class and keep papers that may be useful for later tests and can also keep paper clutters away. Another tip is to stay positive, once you get stressed, you'll have lots of trouble. And don't be afraid to ask for help!
It depends on how easy you learn. Study hard, make sure you do ALL your homework. With math sometimes it helps to do a few extra problems. Ask questions if you are struggling in class, don't be afraid to bug the teacher. Thats why we pay them isn't it. Keep all your notes organized so you can get them easily. *Tip for when you get into college and you can start early. If you know you have a test coming up try to fit short notes onto the front & back of a note card so you can carry it with you to lunch or on the bus etc. It will help make it easy to study instead of going through paper after paper.
Even if your not the smartest of your class, you always have the opportunity to get As and B's. Stay organized, Every school night you should be either studying, doing homework, or getting ahead. Um honestly, everything falls on habits. Make them, shake the bad ones, keep them up.

Good Luck :)
yep. Study, study, and study some more. Never give up on anything. Do your best even on the smallest of assignments because they add up. Get to know your teachers well and don't ever hesitate to tell them if you're having trouble with something. You'll do great.

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