11th grade! lol?

Question:So i'm going to be a junior in less then a day and im pretty much freaking out. Is it really the hardest year of your whole high school career? please some reassurance would do some good lol

"it's not" says my senior brother
good luck
Haha, I'm entering junior year too! Next week though.
And I've heard both, so who knowsss. It would make sense for it to be hard since it's the last full year colleges would look at if you apply in Fall of our Senior year.
Will just have to see eh XD
Only two more years left, omggggggggg.
why would it be? you're an upperclassman and you have only one year after that. Maybe it depends on the school...
Honestly grade eleven is not bad at all-- the worst grade you'll ever go through is grade 9. And the year where you experience the most changes is grade 12.

The only thing you have to worry about is that you have to start making up your mind about what you want to do so that you can take the right classes you need for college/university.
it's only said to be your hardest year because most students take a lot of ap classes and many take their sats during this year. i've also heard it to be your funnest (my case,lol) but don't worry about. many students feel pressure to work extra hard this year becuase people say colleges look at your jr year the most.
Sorry - 11th grade is tough. You have the SAT's to worry about, or the ACT's. You have to figure out which university or college you want to go to, if that's the route you want. You also get to look forward to your drivers license and prom. Take the good with the bad and roll with it. Of course, you can always skip the SAT's and join the military. But, that doesn't mean the military is a breeze - most people go to college after the military or to some sort of vocational training, so don't think of the military as a breeze. Get ready for life, because ready or not, its coming!
Well, you are correct that the junior year is a tough one. Lots of standardized tests. But you can try to hang onto some of that beginning of the year enthusiasm and keep up with your classes. Set up a schedule for schoolwork and stick to it.
Along with the work, it is one of the greatest years in high school. You are older now, and you don't have all the stresses of decision making that seniors have, so enjoy it.
Good luck to you!
high school is all fun and games... don't over pressure yourself, you'll be fine. Have fun and relax.
I'm about to be a senior, and so far junior year was definitely the hardest. It's nothing I couldn't handle though. I also sometimes went weeks without homework. It all depends on how hard your classes are.
psshh... to me 11th grade was my most stressful hs year ever! I remember even crying coz i cudnt deal with it anymore.
In the NY state, we have to take regents (state finals), and usually during 11th grade, u have to take regents for almost every subject. Along with ur regular finals, but that depends on ur teacher.
Plus the SATS/ACTS... more pressures from parents, counslers, and teachers about college and scholarships. THIS is the YEAR that most colleges will pay more attention to u, so I always had to make sure my GPA remained high... and it didnt help when i kept failing my physics exam.
Then if u want to even load urself with more pressure.. u cud take AP classes. But never take on more than u can handle!! AP BIO may look good on ur transcipt but not when ur failing at 52.
I finished Grade 11 in June and it was definitely not my hardest year. Except for one or two classes that stressed me out, it was actually my easiest year, I think.

Though, I'm in Canada, so I don't have all these standardized tests to worry about, so that probably makes a huge difference.

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