For middle schoolers merely!?

Well my middle school spring is coming up and i need to know how to draw from a date for my dance how do you dream up i can get a date next to McDreamy?

Answers:    write him a note and ask if he requests to go. if you come to an end up not getting a date then freshly go near a big group of friends. i've gone with boys until that time but i find it funner to go next to a group because you aren't worrying how you look and all of that. when you are near friends you can just hold fun.
I've had indistinguishable problem, im in echelon 6.
1.Make sure hes your MR.RIGHT
2. Make yourself look REALLY flirty and fun,
3. Dress SEXY but appropiet for school
4. If HE doesnt ask you, slip him a write down, when hes sitting near you, or put it contained by his locker.
i'm in 7th level too and i think the easiest point to do is just wander up and ask him or have a friend do it. if you don't bring in a big deal nearly it he won't either.

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