Any kind of patriotic Indian poem ?

Refer any of the poems of Guru Robindra Nath Tagore or Bonkim Chandra Chatopadhyay of Bengal - Bonde Mataram (Vande Mataram) which are all patritic ( matriotic ) poems. Every languages of India, translations are there. Tamil Subramanya Bhartiyar, and MGR Songs (Soundaraj) Malayalam - Ullur S. Parameswara Iyer, Vallathol, ONV Kurup and a lot - which all have the inspiration for worship to India. . Harivans Rai Bachhan is a good poet in this line. Our ex-Prime Minister - AB Vajpei has also written few. Suggest your choice of language for the written version of such poems
get set go to USA, my dreamland.
saare jahaan se achcha hindostaan hamaraa
hum bul bulain hai is kee, ye gulsitan hamaraa

parbat vo sabse unchaa hum saaya aasma kaa
vo santaree hamaraa, vo paasbaan hamaraa

godee mein khel tee hain is kee hazaaron nadiya
gulshan hai jinke dum se, rashke janna hamaraa

mazhab nahee sikhataa apas mein bayr rakhnaa
hindee hai hum, vatan hai hindostaan hamaraa

Translation of the poem in English :

Better than all the world, is our India
We are its nightingales and this is our garden

That mountain most high; neighbor to the skies
It is our sentinel; it is our protector

A thousand rivers play in its lap,
Gardens they sustain, the envy of the heavens is ours

Faith does not teach us to harbor grudges between us
We are all Indians and India is our homeland
vijayi vishwa tirangaa pyara
zhanda uuncha rahe hamara
sada shakti barsanevala
prem sudha sarsanevala
viroan ko harshanevala
matra bhumi ka tan man sara
is zhande ke niche nirbhay hovo purna manorath nischay
bolo Bharat Mata ki jai
vrat ho par upkar hamara
aao pyare viroan aao
desh dharm par bali bali jaao
ek sath sab milkar gaao
pyara bharat desh hamara


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