1st day of high school was soo booring..wat shud i do...?

Question:well i have done studies at home for 3 years prior to today wich i went to school and the people were cool the teachers were cool but it was SO booring i mean its my choice to stay in school or do studies at home and get a job but if i go to school i cant get a job...so im going to try going to school for like 2 more weeks and if its still that booring i wont be able to stand it....wat shud i do..........

The first day of school usually IS boring. All the teachers are telling you their rules and what supplies you need, so you end up hearing the same tings over and over. Give it some time to get more interesting. During the first week, you can expect some review-type assignments. Teachers are trying to find out what level their students are at so they can adjust their lessons.

If you are still finding it boring after a few weeks, see if you can get involved in any organizations or groups. Those can make high school more interesting.

If the classes seem too easy for you, try some honors or advanced or AP classes. Those will be more challenging and move at a faster pace, so they won't get as boring as regular classes. You will also learn more and you might get some college credits out of the way early.

You could still get a job after school, or you could see if your high school has a program that allows you to leave early for a job and if you qualify for the program.
Everyone finds school boring, but unfortunately, home schooling can't last forever. I think you should definately stick it out. You'll make new friends, and have agood time out of class!! And it'll be much better for your future career than staying at home.

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