Are u going to plano senior high school??

Question:pls answer all of them hu r going there.. iam new here and want some friends b4 the school starts..

I do! It's a great school, are you a senior or a junior? We have every demographic, so you'll have no trouble finding your own clique. We have over 2500 people here, so there's someone for everyone, trust me. Another easy way to find friends fast is to see which classes you're taking. In Your electives you'll probably find alot of like minded people. You'll get lost on the first day, but even returning seniors get lost because of the sheer size of the campus. We have 6 different buildings, but the majority of students only use three, Your best bet is to go to Cat Camp on August 23rd from 4:30 - 6:30, it's for Juniors and new Seniors to get the feel of the campus, and "bond with the pond" (If you're scared of ducks, beware!) Another good thing to do is to get on Myspace, and join our school. That way you can get more of a feel for us, and meet new friends. Hope i've helped! Oh yeah, we are a football school big time, so if you hate the sport, be careful of who you say it to, because to denounce football is to blaspheme with around 40-50% of us
no I am not
I go to PSHS. Its a really big school, so it might be a little intimidating at first. The people there tend to be kind of clicky, if you know what I mean. Ask around for me, I'll show you around and introduce you to some people. My name is Colten Thompson.
making friends shouldnt be yourself and youll fall upon ppl that like you for you and they will soon be your friends..but there is no exact just..happens

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