Are you ready 2 go back 2 school!?

Question:me kinda (2 see the new students that are coming)

School and be exciting and fun. You need to make it so.

You will see classmates that you have not seen for several months. You may see some of your favorite teachers and perhaps have them again. A new school year is always a new adventure. New clothing is usually available. You will have something worthwhile for your time.

It is a good time in your life.

I'm excited, Mainly just to see m friends since I worked all summer haven't got to see anyone.
i graduated several years ago.
now i wish i could go back.
real world is overrated (somewhat)
none the least!
Ha ha no. I stil have not finished my summer reading! Ekk!
how bout no way
I am kind of
I'm ready in some ways, and not in other ways. I want to because I love seeing my friends and am eager to see who all is in my classes. But I don't want to also because then peer pressure starts up all over again and there are a lot of bad influences in high schools.
YES! All of my friends have been on vacation for what seems like years! I miss them so badly!

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