Am I following the right path to college??

Question:Hey Im in 8th grade and im kinda nervous for college. Anyways, please tell me if im on the right path to college:

GPA (weighted): 4.16
GPA (unweighted): 4.01
Rank: 3 out of 100 students
AP courses: Geometry and Spanish 3B (Math and Spanish are the only advance courses my school offers)

Extra Curricular:
President of National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
Homeroom Rep. for Assistant Student Body (ASB)
Co-Editor and Chief of Yearbook staff (5 day a week elective)
Member of swimteam
Level 4/4 in golf lessons
Art Lessons
Violin Lessons
Volunteer at a local retirement home by performing violin every week
Volunteer at the local public library
Guitar Lessons
Attend Chinese School every Saturday for 3 hrs.
Went to China for a month to teach English to local kids
Volunteer on the school tech crew
Received Special award in the county science fair
John Hopkins talented youth award
Principals Honor Roll 3 years in a row
1st place local art contest
Finalist for school science fair, 2 yrs

Well, most colleges only look at your high school grades and extra cirriculars, but if you can keep that up through high school, and do well on SAT/ACT, you're doing great!

My only advice would be don't stress yourself out. Remember, grades are most important, then test scores, then at least 3-5 good, strong extra cirriculars. Don't over schedule yourself. Also, seek out leadership within clubs, and volunteer! Community service looks great in addition to extra curriculars, seek out an organization outside of school that interests you. I would suggest in addition to the nursing home and library, try to get into a hospital, or organizing fundraising for a charity.
Your doing great keep it up :)
in short, kid, you're in middle school.
live your life according to what you want to do, not an application or résumé.
you've got a lot of time ahead of you.

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