A-Level Politics/Classics/Geograp... and Ethics?

Question:Ok, so I'm starting all the above A-levels and would appreciate any comments on any of them - are they good/hard/enjoyable/ a lot of work etc Thanks

I do politics - I've just finished my first year (ie AS). You learn a lot but (if its anything like the way I was taught it) you go over it a lot so revision isn't so bad. You've got to be prepared to keep up with the news so reading a newspaper or something like the BBC news website or just watching the news at least once a week is vital. Its not too bad work-wise, it was one of the exams I was least worried about really, and once you get the idea of what to do/how to write the essays you'll be fine. I personally love politics and I'm planning on doing it at uni, so I may be a leedle biased about how enjoyable it is!

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