Advice please?

Question:im starting high school in todays... omg im really nervous any tips for the first day thanks 10 points to best answer

First Day Advice That I Have Gathered:
*be yourself
*don't be cocky
*introduce yourself to people and start conversations
*don't just go running to old friends, make new ones
*people change and so will you so don't get heartbroken if the people you used to know changed (it happens to the best of us)
*make plans to meet someone for lunch so you don't go alone
*have fun and keep up with your homework and studying

Good Luck :)
Freshmen to freshmen
just remember almost everyone in america has been thru high school, you will most likely survive, too.
just keep in mind why you are there. have a lot of fun but stay out of trouble!!
what about the first day?
just relax it is really fun enjoy it

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