Back to school: Better ways to cover textbooks?

Question:School starts for me on Wednesday. Our middle school does not allow those stretchy book covers on the textbooks because they bend the corners of the books. For the past two years, I've been using brown parcel paper to cover my textbooks, and unfortunately it doesn't even last half the school year... I was wondering if anyone had better ideas on how to cover the books, and please list where you can buy the materials from?

Thanks in advance!
Elisa :)

p.s. of course from my previous questions, you may have figured that i like things that stick out and are in this case, any colorful or chic looking materials please.

How about fabric? You could fold it the same way that you do the paper, and it will probably last you a lot longer. Also, just think of all the different styles that there are. Other alternative...wallpaper remnants.
One of my friends had a knitted book cover, you could also use the sunday funnies, or a poster of your fav celeb. Or a poem or a newspaper article that means somthing to you. Or a couple of pages of your favorite quotes.
Good luck!
I'm going with the person above me. Fabric is the way to go. It will hold up, plus you can change it whenever you want. You can either sew it or use elastic to keep it on.

Good luck with the new school year!
I like the fabric idea, too. What about something durable, like canvas? Or better yet...denim! If you have old jeans, they would be perfect. And, you can use fabric paints or permanent markers to decorate. You could also sew different things to the fabric before you cover the book.
You could use old maps although that might not last longer than the parcrel paper. You might be able to find old wallpaper. Ask around. lots of families have end of roles in the basement. Just DONT glue the paper to the textbook.
Wrapping paper looks great, but it wears out faster. Foil can work. I always liked using the inside of grocery bags and decorating like crazy. By the time it got tatterend and torn I was ready for a change anyways. Good luck!

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