Anyone got any ideas on how to prank our teacher?

Question:he teaches biology and has a really good sense of humour. We are in our last year of high school and want to get him back really badly on our last day. But we're having trouble thinking of pranks that won't inflict any real damage and that are fairly original.
We were thinking of putting post-it notes all over his car/desk, but it turned out to be too expensive. Any ideas?

my favorite harmless one is that "wrong day " thing.
it can only work if you can get another funny teacher into it...
wait untill the mention of the day happens to convince him that today is tuesday not monday... all of you agree on it without giving him the feeling that you're joking... you can start by mentioning a monday show for example and saying how good it was(anything you can think of) .. make sure that the other teacher "or any reliable grownup" passes by when your teacher really needs to ask someone! maybe he'll think that he overslept for a whole day.
if the day thing is too hard try a wrong "time".. alter all your watches to a different time...
When I was in middle school I had this cute teacher that looked just like Paul McCartney (when he was young) and the boys in my class took all the trash out of the cans and propped it up on top of the door (slightly cracked) so that when he walked in all the trash fell all over him. I'll never forget the look on his face. SO funny. He was sort of stuck up so I didn't care. I guess it depends on how nasty you want to be.
giv him a letter frm one of u guys.. a love letter i mean. haha.
yeah do what people do to folk who have just got married but instead of marriage its a thank you and goodbye. Tie tins to his car so when he drives of they trail behind his car and make a loud noise and with shaving foam spray his car all over.

have fun
Put porn magazines in his desk.
I recommend barely legal.
Psych him out.

If you conspire with the other students in advance of the teacher coming into the room, this prank works pretty well. What you do is you place a small dot on the white board (or chalk board if you have an old room) all the way to one side, toward the corner of the room.

All the students must fixate on that dot, continually looking in its general direction the entire time the professor is in the room, and not lead on to what they are doing.

Subconsciously, the professor will align himself with the line of site of the students, essentially cornering himself into a very small area of the room -- a psychological prison, if you will.

It may eventually start to freak him out, so be kind. When he exhibits his desired behavior, make sure you let him know he's the victim of a practical joke, and let him escape from his self-imposed confinement.
find out who the teachers fav celeb is
tell him that that celeb is coming tomorrow and that its a surprise for everyone else so dont tell anyone else
the next day tell him its a prank
but this is a little bit tight

or tell him his partner is fully pregnant an in labour. that would be a surprise!
I don't know if this will help, But back in junior high we were really rude to this one person, when I say we I mean everyone in the class. I'll only tell you one thing, before I do though I want to say I still feel bad as to how mean we were to her.
So in art class one day me and the class prep mixed a blend of paint together that matched her seat perfectly, a spot on match. soon enough she left to go to the bathroom her chair was painted by the time she got back, there was no way to tell the difference. Needless to say the guidance counselor wanted to speak with everyone the next day.
secret adimer write him a gushy letter and get him going and sign it I might be in the staff room. then make him wonder about it!
dude throw a frog at him!
get a copy of his school picture and blow it up to face size then past it on a stick. (ask another teacher to run them off for you) every one should have one in hand. when he walks into the room or if he calls on someone to speak, everyone covers their face w/his face.
You may need some real creative cake decorators for this: a cake in the shape of a frog ready for dissection lying out. Use wooden shishkobab skewers as pins for effect - or you may think of something else. The frog can be made of red velvet cake - which is chocolate cake but it is red and then green frosting for the frog skin. There is also frosting that can be rolled out and placed on the frog like skin so you would be able to peel it back! it is called sugar paste. Inside the frog can be gummy worms (in the frog stomach), notes from students wrapped in plastic, red licorice for arteries and veins, etc. Be creative. Think about how cool frog dissection is and find creative food choices for the inside of the frog. You teacher will have to "dissect " the frog and serve it to you guys on the last day of school. He gets to eat the head. Happy eating!
Here's a list of stuff we did (by we I mean the class p.s. we also had a really cool bio teacher)

we he left the room we rearranged all the desks even his to face in another direction

post it notes everywhere

even better but only works if someone you know works at a burger place like Whataburger. get the additive labels like double meat, spicy, cheese and put them on everything

when he leaves the room everyone go into the supply room if its open and hide

give everyone glow sticks or bracelets and when he turns the light off someone have techno music ready like in one of those backpacks with speakers and throw a rave in the classroom

make a life size photo of him and put it on a wall somewhere in the school where everyone will see it

find out what food he likes and have everyone bring that type of food so he will be like forget teaching lets all eat

everytime he speaks distract him with questions that dont pertain to the subject like so how was your weekend? how about them (insert sport team)? anything to distract him long enough so that he will be unable to teach.

or make a pinata that looks like him and fill it with office supplies and candy.

idk its just a few of the things we did.

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