Ahhhh High-School!?!?!?

Question:I start my first year of highschool on Mondcay. I know everybody says not to be scared but i am, im freaking out. I need some advice... How scary is the first day? Our the seniors realy that mean? How long will it take to settle in? Any help would be great thanks :)

i just started my junior yr in high school and just to let you know. Nothing is as it is told to you. it is hecka fun. As long as you try not to get into trouble or bump into some1 who starts trouble you will be fine. Seniors usually dont care too much bout the freshys anyways but juniors are the ones u might (depending on how they treat you) are the ones you want to stay away from the most. hope i helped if you have anymore Qs just email me.
No, it really isn't scary on the first day. You're only afraid of the unknown! There will most likely be teachers/peers stationed in the halls to help you find your classes, and you'll definitely have access to a school map. No the seniors aren't mean. It'll take you maybe a week or so to be able to navigate the school without help or a map. You'll have fun, I promise!
ughh. i hated my first day of highschool. only cause i didnt know anyone! the seniors arent mean as long as you dont try to act older than a freshmen. but youll do fine, as long as you have friends already. good luck in high school!
nah, the older kids are great, they dont bother the young kids.. it really depends on you though, no-one can really say what it's like coz everyone has had different experiences. if you dont feel very confident, then sit near the teachers' desk in lessons, it will make you feel a bit better. well thats what i found anyway. good luck!
Lol the whole senior thing is just a myth...just relax lol and be yourself! Also dont ask students for help with directions ask the teachers haha and especially dont ask your siblings for help...long story. Just relax and have a fun day trust me high school is soooo much fun!
The first day of High School isn't scary. It's not like movies/shows where the older kids are mean to you. It should take you about a week to get used to High School, that's how long it took me.
Hey, dont be afraid. Iam a sophmore so I was a freshman not to long ago. Its not that bad, especially if you have friends to go with you. Im not going to lie, seniors could pick at you a little, but stay out of there way and they will leave you alone. It dosent take long to settle in, just do good in school, get to know your teachers well and try to speak up in class to meet new people. Its also always good to join clubs to meet new people. Hope this helps. Enjoy Highschool! =)
the surprize is wrong lol!! the first day isnt scary its actually exciting !! and upperclassmen are NOT mean!! we're very nice and we actually enjoy having freshmen as our friends!! all the rumors you hear are probably from people that didnt fit in and want to be mean. it took me 2 days to settle in but thats cause i had my brother there and i knew where all my classes were so it might take a week or so. have fun!! 9th grade is the funnest year ever!!
OMG!! me too! hehe! we can go through this together! lol!
but i actually met alot of seniors and juniors and sophomres and they were really nice! so i bet they are nice!
me n u are gonna go throught this together!
im here if ya need anyone to talk to! =]]
I start Tuesday (in one week) and i am realy scared. I thought 9th grade was going to be fun, and now i see that its realy quite scary. But we can get through it. I know we can. Good luck and wish me luck.

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