Are we really free in school?

Question:I mean seriously, you have absolutely no freedom in school. Its like a prison. You are required by law to attend and then follow and adhere a regimented, strict curriculum. The only freedom they allow you is if you want mashed potatoes or spinach with that chicken.

You are free to do anything you want, in any part of the world, so long as you are willing to accept the consequences.

In school in the United States, the same rules apply. If you want to stand on your desk and strip while screaming terrorist comments, you can. But there are consequences.

In this argument, no one is really free.
I've long since learned to accept that authority and those it commands are the natural order of the universe.If you're lucky, you can grow up to BE in the commanding position. This is what I work towards a little bit each day.

However, if you are interested in looking at alternative perspectives there was one "out there" economist that said that the current education system is out of date because it prepares people to adapt to the industrial age (second wave of economics) and not what we're entering today, the information age. It's really very interesting stuff.
wrong. freedom does not mean being able to do EVERYTHING you want. it means doing what you want without affecting the freedom of others, and this is what school rules are trying to instill in the mind of students. for a very simple sample, if you had no freedom there, you won't be able to even cross your legs while sitting. but then crossing your legs does not affect another person's freedom (unless you've got 100 students per room), and so there's no rule about it. a student will think that a school is like prison if he/she hasn't matured enough yet to understand the benefits of having rules.
This is a major philosophical problem that had been asked not just of school, but of life in general.
From your question, it is implicit that your definition of freedom is doing what you want when you want it.
If this is your definition, then, in society are we free? We have very specific limitations on our abilities to do whatever we want whenever we want. Social, legal, and economic controls limit our choices, and constrain us in what we can do.
Are your teachers free? No. They have many, many controls placed on what they do, and when they do it.
Are your parents free? Again no, since they have many obligations including obligations to provide you with food, clothing, shelter, and care.
Perhaps the question is not "are we free?", but rather "what is freedom?"
You might want to look into some works on modern philosophy, such as existentialism, nihilism, and humanism.

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