Are we all pleased about kids going back to school?

Question:at least y/a has calmed down a bit, they should have one for kids i reckon

Oh yus!
one word answer, yipheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
What a great idea!! Maybe forward that one to the YA Gods. lol!
7 hours i don't have to be bothered with my child. Of course i'm happy.
not in the slightest. give us kids a break already, school's stressful enough without adults telling us they don't want us in the world
Ive never seen them so silent,,,,think they are a bit nervous,,,going to new schools we will miss them ,,,give them a big hug ,,on school day,,,,they will need it,,,,
I'll be doing cartwheels and somersaults in the morning.

If I hear the phrase I'M BORED one more time, I will
not bk till 17th nervous as just starting full time. also feel sorry for all the peole who are starting a new school and get bullied or have to face bullies again
i'm not pleased 'cause the motorway is twice as busy so i have to get up earlier!x
My kids went back 2 school,on August 16th (scotland), my house is quiet, tidy for longer than 10 mins! Hope that answers your question!
This is just so mean. If you love having kids back to school and no with you, why the hell did you have kids in the first place? Being a parent, you should be responsible and not bad-mouth your kids. What kind of stupid parent are you?
lol, don't rub it in to some parents, lol. i know some kids who still have another 2 weeks off school.
I'm not happy about my kids going back to school. I will miss them on the days that I am off from work and they are at school. They don't go on, though. I think your suggestion to have an answers for kids is a great idea! :)

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