At what age are u leagally allowed to drop out of high school?

Question:If i drop out, can i still get a diploma, and go to college? the only reason i watn to do this is because i went to school late and am a year older then my class mates, and also, i dont want ot be in high school for more then i have to.

Technically, yes, if you drop out, you can get a GED and then attend college. However, it will be much, much harder, and you will be much less likely to succeed in college if you couldn't tough it out in high school. If you are serious about your education, stay in high school. Consider transferring to a different high school or a more alternative high school that can focus on your needs - your parent or school counselor can look into options with you.

Being a year older than your classmates is no big deal, and I bet you most of them don't even notice. No one knows if you were held back as a child, were born late in the year, or whatever... and no one really cares.
And what's so bad about high school that you can't stand to be there a second longer than you have to? It's far easier than trying to discipline yourself to study, and offers more social and personal opportunities.
Trust me, dropping out will not solve any of your problems - it will just trade them in for newer and even harder ones.
In Illinois if you drop out, you can't get a driver's license. I don't know any college that will let you take classes without a high school diploma. Stay in school.
cant you talk to the principal or your parents about being put in the right year. in New Zealand you can drop out at 16 but you cant get a diploma or go to college because you dont know enough to attend college. it may be different where you live, why dont you talk to your teachers and see what they think?
I'm a dad and my advice is DONT DROP OUT! Your building you future , keep on going. Dont be troubled about the people arround you.
I do not buy your "excuse" for wanting to drop the way, take it from someone who did drop out, it is the last thing you want to do...there is something else going on here that you do not want to say...address the REAL problem, I know that school can suck at times and people can be cruel,but what is better..letting some jerk ruin the rest of your life or facing your problems and prevailing...that in it self would be the ultimate revenge...succeeding when everyone thought they could make you fail.
Excuse is always the first step to failure.dont take that decision,you will live to regret it.
You won't get a diploma from the school if you drop out. The age you can drop out depends on the state you live in. You can try searching the internet for your state's depart of education to see if you can find the age fir where you are.

As for getting in to college, most will admit you without a high school diploma IF you had your GED. The GED (General Education Diploma) is a diploma you can recieve after taking & passing the GED test. High Schools and colleges in your area should be able to help you with more information on the GED.

There are some colleges that will admit you without a GED or High School Diploma, but generally speaking these schools are not accredited and/or not very good schools.

If there is a college near your school, they may allow you to enroll in courses part-time while you finish your high school classes.

Dropping out is your decision to make, but you'd be smart to talk it over and get some advice before you leave school.
Not sure at what age you are legally allowed to drop out but I wouldn't advice you to do that. And no you wont get a diploma if you drop out. The only way to get a diploma is to finish school! Yes you can get a GED later on but you'd still need to go to some kind of school and do the work so you might as well get it done now. Sweetie you aren't the only kid in school who is older than others.many have started late or are repeating a year. Just stay strong, focus and get it that when you are an "Adult" you can go to college and get a good job instead of worrying about getting a High School diploma or GED that you should have gotten when you were a teenager. God Bless

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