Anybody else have their first day of school today??

Question:how was it?

My son had his last week; my daughter next week
Nope! i'm canadian so we stilll have a couple weeks! yay for me!
I like Capn Crunch.
no. Done with school.
we start september 4th here in clinton twp michigan
no i didnt and i dont want to
my sis has it on wed lol she is crying she does not wanna go back to school. but she will get used to the routine of waking up early and stuff.
No, mine isn't until next week, but I expect it will be like the first day of every other year!
mines wedesday
Ahhhh..the good ol' days.
no but i start college on monday. i'm scared.
i start high sk00L in 2 days
I did it was very hectic getting the new routine down and jumping from class to class
Nope, mine is next Monday. I'm excited though!
i did =) i started my senior year in college today! =) Only a 2 more semesters to go!
we started 2 weeks ago
My girlfriend did.she hated it...its a new school for she just hated it lol...
It was great!

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