Back to School again?

Question:On thursday Im starting school again the worst of it, freshmen year. I hate hate going back to school i get depressed over it cuz the summer is gone =/.how can i cope with accepting that i need to go back i mean yeah summer can get boring but I love it just going day in day out with not worrying of the troubles..and now highschool! how can i relax and not get all mad about going to school again!?!

Well school is just a drag. School causes stress and anxiety. Sounds like you need to enjoy school a little bit more. You should join a sports team or maybe a club. When you get involved with school activities, you have more spirit about school.The school work that you have to do might be a pain in the tush but you need to do it. if your the shy type who does not interact with people and just does what he needs to do, school going to be hell. So try to get involved. You only live once so do not hold back because you could regret it later.
suck it up!
u'll get over it
well just think of it as one year less you have to go through. think of it as getting closer to graduation/

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