7th grade classes.?

Question:Well when I was choosing my electives we have to choose from 8 different electives. When you find the first class you really want to go to you put one as your first choice which everybody should already know. Anyway...I thought that I had to choose from Concert band & Orchestra as my first & second choice. So I put them both down as 1 & 2 for my first two electives! But I really want to do World Cultures-Spanish,Home Ech. & Art.
What do I do?

I would talk to a teacher and she can point you in the right direction!
I think home ech would be good but spanish is also a good subject to take
most kids do this too w/o even knowing it. Wait till school starts, you dont know for sure if u r starting with those classes. and if you are, then ask an adminstrator, if u can be moved.
If i were you i would take as many high school required classes as possible (high school credit courses) because if you take them in high school they will be put down as on level and bring your GPA down a bit.

I would take Spanish One now because if you start that in high school then it will be counted as on level so make sure you take that now. Then take Spanish Two in grade 8.

Only pick one out of concert band and orchestra since they are mostly alike and it wouldn't help you much if you take both. Most high schools have combined programs for band and orchestra. What i mean is like if you take like two years of band in high school, it will count as you PE and fine arts credits. So, that would save you a whole semester in high school.This may sound a bit confusing to you right now, but you'll understand when you start picking your high school classes. For right now, just take one of those two and be good at it.

If i were you, i wouldn't take art until grade 8 because then you will get the high school credit if your middle school offers it (most likely it does).

If you have some empty room in your schedule, take something you want to do.

Make sure that you do as good as you can this year (A's) so you can get placed in honors classes. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Make sure you take the least amount of on level classes in high school possible, but we wont get into that right now because it is really early to, although keep it in mind. This is so you can go to a good college.

I wish i had this advice when i was this young. If you are confused about my answer, PM me.

Good Luck!!
You do have to deal with it or you will be taking the electives that you do not want. You have to bear responsibility for your own actions.

Go and see your guidance counselor. If possible one of your parents should go with you. If an adult does not accompany you then bring a not from home.

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