Back to school shopping list for 7th graders?

Question:My school does not provide a Back-to-school Shopping list. Could anyone out there give me their 7th grade back to school shopping list so i don't go to school missing something crucial. Thanks a lot!

Actually I'm in the 5th going into the 6th grade. But here's what is on my list:

Colored Pencils
Index Cards
Lunch Box
Pencil Sharpeners
Correction Fluid aka White Out
Paper Clips
Laptop (although I don't use it school, just for your sake)

here's mine
well of course u hav to hav at least 3 notebooks, for certain classes, umm... p.e. stuff, uniform and lock. nd binder or accordian folder. at least a couple of pencils and an assignment book. or lik a scheduler with at least 6-7 lines in it. umm... pens, of all colors, nd yea...
every skewls supply list's r different so i dnt think u should be copying sum 1 elses.
just get the basics

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