Are u back in school or still summer vacation?

Question:i am still in summer vacation and all I want to do is go back to school .i wont be going back to school until sept 5 which sucks for me i guess =] summer sucks for me cause im grounded for a whole how is your sumer going?

I'm still on summer vacation.
my summer was soooooooo boring i go back this friday i cant wait. what are you grounded for?
i started yesterday
Haha I feel bad for you. I'm still on starts September 4th. And ever since school got out, I couldn't wait to go back which was kinda weird cuz I don't really like school and I'm starting high school this september. So I'm like half freaking out about high school and half waiting for it to start. I think I just want to go back to school cuz I miss all my teachers from last year. Well, maybe only my English teachers, but still. My summer's kinda sucked also. Hope school goes good for you this year!
What state do you live in?! I have to go back to school August 27th. I can't wait, though. It's going to be sooo much fun. I'm enjoying the last week of my summer vacation. My summer went well, but it is soon coming to a close. I can understand the need to get back into the school life, because it is so much more fun when you're in school, then at home where there is almost nothing to do. It sucks you're grounded, though. I hope your parents won't be too strict with your punishment, maybe they'll ease up once you get back to school. =) Good luck.
I already started! Don't worry-just try to cherish your carefree summer! You'll be back in school in no time!
school starts on the 27th for me, but i've been going to cross country practice for a few days now, so it's like it's not summer anymore, but yet not school.
In a way you're lucky. I'm an eight grader from Chicago and I had to start school on August 2. You see my school goes to school year round. I go to school for three months and them I'm out for one month. But I miss some good vacation periods. Like I don't get sprin break and I only get one week off for Christmas instead of two or three. My summer has been pretty blah, not much exitement but I'm totally looking forward to graduation!

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