9th Grade orientation?

Question:Thursday I got 9th grade orientation from 6pm to 9pm. They havent sent a letter or nothing. Should my parents call the school?

Does anyone know what they do at 9th grade orientation?

Yeah just call the school and ask them where to be and what to bring. School systems aren't always good at sending out everything on time! And make sure you are on the records as a student... sometimes they make mistakes.

At orientation, they usually just talk to you about the school, and tell you what you need to do.
They just give you a tour of the school, and if you haven't got your schedule yet, they hand it out usually. They give you a head start so you aren't completely lost on the first day of school. It really depends on the school. But at my school, they had seniors show groups of kids around the school and that was mainly it. They catch you up on as much information as possible to help you have a less rough start to your school year.

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