A new school, and I'll be standing out, quite a bit...?

Question:Moving to new schools isn't much of a big deal for me anymore since I've moved around a lot, but last school year I became seriously sick in January and wasn't able to finish the year.
At this new school for the first semester I'll be taking all freshmen classes to make up for last year which I don't have a problem with. At this school uniforms are determined by what year you're in, the freshmen have to wear all royal blue, but sophomores wear teal pants and any color uniform top. The problem is that since I'm technically still a sophomore since I'm graduating in 2010, so everyone in all of my classes will be wearing the same thing, and I'll be wearing different colors that will really make me stand out.
I know I'm going to get a lot of awkward questions that I don't feel comfortable answering since I'm a bit ashamed and embarrassed about last year, I was diagnosed with acute depression and I was even institutionalized for my own safety at one point.
Any suggestions on what to say?

Well, the way I look at it is your going to be the older one, so I don't think you have to worry about them. They'll probably be interested in you since your a 10th grader in 9th grade classes. I would think a 9th grader being in a 10th grade class would be a little more awkward.
So, don't worry about it. You'll blend in eventually with everyone and you won't be thinking of it anymore.
don't worry about it i feel the same way cuz i'm bout 2 go 2 another school but don't worry about what they say or whatever! if they have 2 pick then theyre not good friends
Talk to someone about possibly bending that rule. Like maybe the school counselor. They might not have a problem under the circumstances. Otherwise just say nunya or simply politely say its no big deal moving on.

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