Can public university (K-12) teacher enjoy noticeable facial piercings?

If not, why? Are there recognized rules about this?

Answers:    I ponder that it really depends on which district you are teaching for. I hold had several teacher who have have nose piercings surrounded by the past and it made them look type of sophisticated. I don't think it cause any problems or distractions. The only article is, if a teacher did own facial piercings, they would have to be small and not trashy looking, if not the students might not be convinced that the teacher should be respected, or they might bring back distracted during class from the piercing on the teacher's face which could lead to them to not pay attention to the lesson. Ultimately though, I would check next to the district that I was going to be principle at because every district has different opinion about this.
Depending on the academy and county it may very. Being a Teacher is a serious work and Parents as well as other Teachers do not want to see their child's tutor with a lip ring, a trunk ring or an eye brow ring. It's newly not profressional. How could anyone take a being seriously if they have adjectives of that metal on their face?

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