6th grade??

Question:Hello, I'm starting 6th grade tomorrow..I was wondering if you could tell me somethings about it please!!

It's fun. =) You might notice cliques in middle school that you never had to deal with in elementary school. Some 8th grade boys or 6th or 7th might bother you (tell them to go away lol). There may be a couple mean teachers. You may encounter some awkward puberty issues (body odor, shaving, acne, etc.) It is fun though. Make some new friends and have fun in all of your classes. ENJOY YOUR 6TH GRADE EXPERIENCE! =)
Its all up to the teacher. I had a kick *** teacher in sixth grade so I had the time of my life. But back then 6th grade was still elementry school so 6th graders were the Oldest ... if 6th grade is the start to jr high for you then all i have to say is GOOD luck watch out for them bully 8th graders.
I am starting 8th grade tomorrow so I kind of know some things, not really to worry, 6th grade is like 5th grade except, more teachers, and more classes, and hopefully more friends! good luck!
6th grade is easy -.- it's 9th you have to worry about.

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