Any other mum's cracking up with nerves at childs first day at secondary school?

Question:What are you going to do to take your mind off worrying about your little darling?

Thankyou - I am so glad I'm not the only one.
My eldest started secondary school today - took my other kids to primary school and cried on the way home cause my eldest wasn't there.
i remember my first day of secondary school, i loved it! you have nothing to worry about, secondary school is ace!
oh yes , arnt other mummies so bloody clicky , smartly dressed piled on makeup laughing and chatting in their little groups then after the sweet goodbyes to their little darlings , getting into their bloody 4by4s and driving like complete airheads . oh its that time again , im more nervous of the teachers personally. chin up xx
My daughter was anxious about her secondary school, going on the bus, the big kids etc. She was shattered every night until the first half term, but loved going. It is a big step for each child to take, but most make it easily - you have chosen well and your child is ready. Dont let them sence your unease!! Meet up with the rest of us in Starbucks and discuss your holidays!! Before you know it they will be home with so much to tell you.
Dont worry, life does this to everyone, you go to primary, you are a noob for a while, you settle in you find your niche, then its all change, you go to secondary, you are a noob, same deal, you start work, you are a noob etc etc all through life, youve done it, your kid/s will do the same, just teach them to keep their heads down for a while, they will find their place, be prepared for the "I hate school" phase, change is hard for everyone, but at the end of the day they will just have to get on with it, this will happen again and again in life!
I always clean the childs room while they are at school. THis way I can clear out anything broken or things the child is to old for that can be put back for a memory jog later on. My kids look forward to coming home to a newly arranged room with less clutter. Usually they don't miss anything I remove. I also always have a homemade treat for them when the get home. I sit with them and listen to all their new adventures at school. Of course they are asked to keep the room in order after the initial clean up by mom.
Not just mums, grandma too. My grandson starting secondary school in new area where they have moved and doesnt know anyone there. He was crying with nerves and it breaks my heart to know i can do nothing to help.
U poor thing i really don't envy you at all!!
My baby is soon to start next year, and i already have butterflies just thinking of it!
But i am thinking of teaching her at home, especially in this world.
Don't worry love, if shes a sensible person she will do fine
my children are grown up, but i know how you are feeling, its like their first day at school, only worse, there is no answer, like there was not on their first day, the anxiety is worse, but it does get better,they will be grown up before you know it, then you will experience these feelings again when you are a grandparent,only you will have the experience to understand the feelings that your children are having when their children are going to school.
I know what you are going through, Ok my two are no longer at school, but I do sympathise with you. My friend and I used to hate the kids going back to school when they were at primary, and got really worried when they went to secondary school. What we used to do was drop them off then go to one of our houses and have a coffee to console each other. When they went to secondary school, a lot of the mothers met up for a coffee, then went out for lunch so that they didnt sit worrying. Maybe there is another mum who is in same predicament and you could get together with her and do something to take your minds off.
Deep down you know the kids will be fine, but we cant help but worry can we, especially as they seem so small, but I bet they will be fine, and when they come home full of what they have done and learnt, and you will wonder what you were worrying about!
One thing you could do is to plan a nice meal that your child really likes, and spend your day planning it and preparing it.
Good luck
yes! even though this is my third child and he is a confident kid, i wont be settled untill i see him again tonight! then tomorrow my 16yr old starts college so i`ll be nervy tomorrow too! WHEN WILL IT ALL END?!!lol!
Keep thinking about the fun they will have had by the end of the day. That's what my mother did on my first day of secondary school. Just keep thinking about the positive side of school!
mine is still at primary(year5) but I must be honest and say I am dreading when he moves to high school in two years.

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