Are there negative aspects of attending a community college?

There can be. Community colleges are a bridge schools between high school and four-year colleges. They serve a wide variety of clientèle. About half the students do not have the motivation to succeed at college and they drop-out. Being around this population can drag you down. At the top colleges, something like 2% drop-out.

It is easier to be on top at a community college if you are motivated and clear about your goals.
Some of your credits might not transfer. If you complete a transfer degree, or take classes in an articulation agreement, you should not have any problem. Also, taking the time to meet with a community college school counselor before you register will keep you from registering for classes that won't transfer.

You also won't be staying in a dorm, so you won't have as much opportunity to make friends on campus. Just try and get involved in an activity, so that you can still make lots of friends.

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