A girl being in Automotive class in high school?

Question:I was wondering if there is a lot of girl that would take a class such as automotive in hs. im a sophomore now and i had a hard time thinking on what class to take.
Also help give me some advice on some elective class to take that not too much work load.

If you plan on ever owning a car, you should take the class. If something goes wrong with your car, you might be able to fix it yourself, saving money. If you can't fix it, you will likely be more versed in how cars work, and that means you are less likely to be ripped off by an unscrupulous mechanic.

Automotive classes are not just for boys. Girls can and do learn a lot in those classes.
not only do they make good money but knowing how to fix your own car would come in handy.
I absolutely agree with the first answer. You should take the class. At some point in your life you are probably going to be completely dependent upon yourself. There are alot of people out there (not all, mind you) that will try to rip you off when you go to get work done on your vehicle. And there is a big difference in the cost of changing oil yourself and having someone else do it (over the course of say one year).

But, be prepared that some folks in your school might give you a hard time about it. Dont let it bother you. Be stronger than that because your future is up to you and you alone. Just work hard and prove that you should be in the class.

good luck!!
Girls can take auto shop...this is 2007 not 1907. If it interests you go for it.

There may not be a lot of girls that would take the class and some of the guys in the class may act like jerks and say stupid things but there is nothing wrong with a girl knowing how to fix a car or how they work.

Do it. It may even be fun if you don't let the stupid guys bug you.

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