Alternative High School?

Question:I am going to an alternative high school this year.. because I dropped out of regular high school twice and I want to see what this school is like. I'm not stupid or anything.. I just want to explore my options. Maybe I'll like this school better in terms of the learning environment. But I'm afraid I'm going to be surrounded by gangstas and druggies.. ha. Does anyone here attend this kind of school, and do you like it?

My brother went to a school like that and he dropped out after a few weeks because the kids were @ssholes and the teachers stood up for them. However, not all alternative schools are like that. Go, have fun, don't get beat up.
Well I dont at this moment,but I did go to an ALC when I was in high school. I like you am not dumb,but I just couldnt get myself to like the traditional high school. ALC was the best thing to ever happen to me,I even ended up graduating 3 months ahead of my traditional class. They are much more relaxed at an ALC,do things at your own pace,more 1 on 1 time for help if you need it.

I don't think there will be any more druggies or gangstas than there would be at a regular high school. Much smaller environment so I dont think thee put up with that ****.

Good luck,this is the best choice you could have made.

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