Are schools just turning out kids to become computer data clerks and telephone sales advisers?

Question:do you think too much influence is put on computers in the education system
why do schools rave about white boards and all techy stuff
Many great people were brought up on chalk and blackboards
Too many preprinted handouts and internet homework
students are getting lazy.
if all this stuffs so great why arnt there more and more brilliant intelligent people around
all i see is a generation of kids who want everthing done for them and wont see a problem through they give up too easily
most kids dont write computer games any more or even know how to
mention DOS or BASIC and they havnt a clue what your on about and yet later in life their CV will say they are computer experts!
this fast society we live in is doing kids no good
Nowadays job options are warehouseman, shop assistant and of course lets not forget being set in front of a pc phoneing customers enterning data etc which seems to be all thats on offer now
no wonder the young have nothing to look forward too

i know ya

im looking for best answer now bud
schools suck
i suffered from headaches through my GCSEs cos every lesson involved a computer

i might go learn a trade to escape computers
Being a junior in high school (as of next week), I agree with you that too much is happening on computers at school.
Some people don't know how to use computers that well, so they're disadvantaged in that aspect.
I'm taking Computer Science this semester so hopefully we'll learn the foundational things like DOS. I want to understand that "RUN/DOS/RUN" joke, ahahaha.

And if this keeps up, the computer field will be over-saturated, leaving trade/medical/other fields empty.
I'm thinking of becoming a surgeon, all depending on biology... if I can stomach it. I was thinking of being something in the computer field but everyone is thinking of that.

But you have to be grateful for courses like chemistry, biology, etc. that don't require you to touch a computer most of the time.
this question has already been asked before. computers are used in almost everything, from a basic job such as working in a supermarket to working a mcdonalds, working in shops and stores, and factories are almost completely run by computers.

computers are great, if we didn't have them then we'd have to import all of our products, imagine having to pay around £20,000 for a 3*3 conservatory because it had to come all the way from germany or france or wherever. the health risks, doctors and nurses use computers, and in surgery computers are used, e.g. the Berlin Heart, expiration dates on foods are done by computers, food poisoning would go through the roof, and shops won't know when to take the products off then shelves, imagine buying a pint of milk, getting home and it comes out like yogurt.

Also, what about some of us people who the nearest supermarket is a half-an-hour drive away, or we don't have a car to get to the supermarket, we need a computer to order our food over the net. it is used for research as well, some of us, the nearest library is an hour away, 4 buses, that's around £1.70 a bus, look at all the money we are saving, and if we don't have that money...

think, sociaty NEEDS computers now to survive, technology and science has gone a long way, you wouldn't be living as long as now if it wasn't for progress, and we do learn all that stuff about DOS etc., in my last school which was a special measures school we had to learn that in year 8, the school i go to now, you learn that in year 7! get with it!
Learning about DOS, BASIC etc is unnecessary. Most people in highly skilled jobs have no need to know anything about programming etc.

But everyone, in any skilled job (and many unskilled jobs) needs to be able to use a computer. Virtually everyone from architects to zoologists uses computers and other technology at work. If kids leave school without a total familiarity and ease with these things they will be at a massive disadvantage in the job market.

Computer literacy today can be as important to a successful career as reading literacy.
Hi all i use a computer all the time but don't believe they should be used as much as they are especially for registration and crap like that the teacher of today does not know the pupil they are teaching and exam results are so high you will find it impossible to find a good job unless you have really high results there is far to much emphasis but on results some people are not made to work in a office or a building site school has become a production factory for high achievers the fun has gone from school you either preform or you are ridiculed and classed as rubbish a non achiever and they don't want to know school is all about results results results no wonder there are so many young people turning bad i am a mentor and work with young people and i don't care if they have 10 GCSC results or none a young person is a young person to me and i treat them as equals nothing else and dont give a dam what colour race relation they are because i am truely non judgemental not like most of these idiots in schools councils and the likes Dave

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