Are you ready to go back to school yet?

Question:I got back to school on Monday. (ugh!) The thing is I didnt really get much of a summer because I took summer classes to get ahead. I have only had like a month off and now I have to go back again. I know once I start and get back in the swing of things it will be okay but I just don't want to have to start again so soon bc going back to school means getting up early, not working as much, not having like any free time. :(

what are your feelings on going back?

Nah, i'm cool with being back. Like you i worked for most of the holiday so I was already in the swing of things. Can't wait for it to be over though. (We graduate in December)
My feelings on going back are awesome... since I graduate in December!
i'm scared for some reason
I don't know about ready. I'm kind of excited because it's a new environment but geez! it felt like a sitll had a month left of summer vacation just yesterday. Time flies
I totally agree! But one thing i do is try to convince my parents that if i do well that week, like get up early and do my homework, then they'll reward me with money or taking my friends and I to a movie!
i want to go back
me too.I am sorta exited...see my friends you know, but all of that learning is terrible....... jk=]
Miserable. Sad. Depressing. I just can't get the thought out of my head.
i cant wait to go back to school bcuz im actually goin to college.and get to learn fun things
Sometimes you have loose something to get something.
i go back to school on Monday also i am about to cry i so don't want to go back
i'm going back on monday too. i still need to get my back back. I cant belive summer is over already. I already heard rumor about a new building im going to and they are'n exactly pleasent. I'm happy cuz i get to see all my friends again. but still wannna have like another month of summer!
I pretty bummed I can't hang with my friends all summer but when ever school starts I fell like I'm in a movie's exposition and so that should be fun lol
Oh definitely.

Life was so much easier when I only had 5½ hours of school plus maybe 2 hours of homework each night, and of those 5½ hours, 45 minutes was spent at lunch, and 1 hour was spent in PE!

That's 7½ hours a day of work, leaving me 16½ a day for play, hang with friends, talk on the phone, sleep - whatever I wanted!

Not to mention my parents paid all the bills, so I didn't have to worry about who was cooking, or doing my laundry, or how I was getting to the mall, or any of that boring, mundane stuff.

Can I go back to school with you please?
well i hope you have a great school year. i actually go back this Thursday. i was in summer classes for my scholarship and i only got 3 weeks of vacation out of my whole summer. i'm kinda ready to go back but its gonna be hectic. with football games to go to (volunteer) and tennis and then 60 hours of community service..i wont even have time to watch tv cuase by the time i get home, ill have to do my homework (have ALL honors classes) and go to bed. waking up at 5 is no joke. but i missed my friends though.
im ready to go bak to skool (bt dont wanna) nd i dont go bak till 7th september
heck no, i hate school i always dread going back
After having an almost 3 month summer vacation i'm satisfied but still don't wanna go back. I'm kinda excited - new year, new teachers, new stuff, and a few new people joining the school so a chance to make new friends :). But still...going to bed at 5am and waking at 4am is good and i'll miss it.
But oh well...thats life...just a matter of looking forward to the next vacation to get ya through it ;)
Well my friend went to a year round school up through this year, so he ended school in august, and starts monday, a week earlier than all the rest of us... and only had 2 weeks off in the first place, and one of those he was out of town, and then this week so far has been chaotic and I know it's going to get worse. Count your blessings!! ;)

I don't really want to go back to school - the only thing holding me up is it's my last semester that I have to be at the HS, after that I'm doing PSEO which I'm really excited for, especially as a lot of my friends will be doing it with me who i've never gone to school with before.

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