Any advise?

Question:ok my school is a bad school everyones mean to me and theres always fights and food ones too. I was going to go to an other school but it didnt work school starts tomorrow and I need help what can I do if people bother me agin.HELP!! are people meaner in 8th grade!?

Try not to show any emotion. The more they know they have upset you, the more they are going to work on you. Try to not show any response to anything. 57
you should talk to people such as your parents, teachers, and even principle dont be afraid to take a step forward toward these "bullies" becuz u can help other kids just like yourself by making the teachers and others aware of this problem
Regardless where you go their will be people like that. Don't let it get you down. Their will be some people that you will relate to and enjoy that you meet. This should be your last yeart of junior high school before carrying on to high school. Don't let your last year be filled with "I hope I make friends". The friends will come just keep you mind on graduating. Preferably top of the class. Find a club that you can get into and it'll make the time go by. Your for sure to find people you'll get along with.

-Stay Positive
well, u should tell the teachers...those kids need some discipline here...
well, try to avoid them as much as possible.for instant, walk away from them and don't answer there question unless it's necessary,etc. and if they still bother you then talk to your teacher or your parents(they must do something about this, right?).good luck.and it's just your school has bad bully, not all school's that bad.
Just take things as a joke. People like seing how you will react. Watch the Daily Show, get a few jokes, you will have a good time. Don't talk to your parents, and by God never talk to a teacher! You think they are just going to like yo after you rat the out to a teacher? You all must be crazy.

P.S. Don't pick on 6th gradeers to make yourself feel better.
wow! I would try and transfer as soon as possible. Stopping them from bullying you is one thing-talk to the principle about those kids, but fights shouldn't be happening on school grounds. I would ignore the kids, but it doesn't sound good, if you wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time during a bad fight, even if you don't do anything, if could become bad for you!

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