Are you ready to head back to school?

I thought I was. And then they changed my schedule, so now I have to get up at 5 in the morning. I'm really not a morning person.
not yet,,
but unfortunately have to.. ^_^'
I am a teacher and we went back Monday...the kids come back we have a long long weekend...cuz of LABOR DAY

No I was not ready
No, but I have been working eight hour days, so my social life is over anyways. With three AP's this year, I don't expect much to change.
I'm definitely not ready to get up earlier in the morning:P
I have absolutely no complains going back to school. had been back in school for the whole summers..

If you treat studying as something fun, there's nothing to be ready for. It would be something to look forward to.
yes, most definitely! :]]

idk why i feel excited..when i should feel mad/sad...
i guess its cause this is my last year in high school! and cant wait to finish school :]]

so im all pumped up and ready!!
i am actually really ready!! =] College is better than school and the first week, I love it. I think its fun maybe for for the first month, but then I will be going back to the normal count down days till the end of school year! lol =]
NOO I just got settled in for the summer....

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