All the girls in my school are literally naked, and the guys go googoo gaagaa, why is the world like this?

I really am impressed as this has come from a guy! I think my school is a exception!! It REALLY strict!
These are the rules that we HAVE to stick to:
-All boy's hair should by about 1-2 inches long.
-No dying of hair.
-A compulsory full uniform must be worn to school.
-All girls must wear headbands if their hair is not long enough to tie a pony. Otherwise, they must tie ponies/plaits(depending on the length of their hair) with black ribbon.
-Collar button MUST be closed.
-Shoes HAVE to be polished.
-Ties HAVE to be worn.
-Nails HAVE to be cut.
-School shoes and socks HAVE to be worn.
-When we are allowed to wear color dress to school, nothing should be indecent. Like no sleeveless, no midriff-showing, nothing shorter than knees, no deep necks.
-Skirts for girls HAVE to be knee length!

Wish your school was like this?? It's nice, I believe. I like it this way. Boys and girls, both have tons of fun together..with the occasional linkups. Apart from that, I think it's pretty much required.
oh im so impressed you maybe the 1st boy who says this

thats right the world is already bad & wants others too .
i think there should be uniforms there like here in dubai.

but you dont worry if you will continue to have such a feeling- you would be a great person-who values woman but see to it you never fall into it

THANKS from a girl who wears decent clothes
I think uniforms would be sufficient. It would stop the immodest dressing, cost the parents tons less than trendy fashions, put all students on an equal footing, and just maybe curb that teenage testosterone.

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