Are you in favour of wearing uniform to school?

Question:If yes, why? If no, why? Would it be better if students wore home-clothes to school?

I think uniforms are an excellent idea. It takes the focus off clothing and puts it where it should be - on LEARNING something. You can show off your style after school; when you're in school, you'll have to stand out by using your brain, and that's what school is all about.
The requirement to wear school uniform is training for a time when you might have to wear a work uniform - even if that uniform consists of an ordinary business suit
I'm in favor of it because when I had to go to school , I didn't have many clothes and I didn't really dress in style. They say the uniform helps people to not really focus on this and more on their work, which I agree with somewhat. But if a person who does have really nice clothes goes to school , most likely they want to show them off, so it would be bad for them.
When i went to school... because i live in australia we had to wear uniforms and the ones i had were DISCUSTINGLY UGLY but meh... on "Mufty days/out days/free dress days" (aka: Wear what u want to school day) lol.. I never went i was too used to the uniform then to go in my normal clothes.. i went to 3 free dress days in 2 years... :O omg... But i dunno america and other countrys are different.. but thought id let u hear that lol
i think a uniform makes the school look more neat, and it makes kids more responsible of what to wear
no because most of them are really horrible, and our old music teacher told us how we got them- apparently its from when all the schools were in competiton over something.i cant remember what, but i know it doesnt matter to anyone now, but people are just too stuck in the tradition to get rid of it- and everyone hates the uniform at our school, even the teachers think it looks awful. plus, it makes everyone look the same so u lose all individualism, it wastes everyones time because of teachers constantly telling u to tuck ur shirt in (even if its fitted grrr) and. there was something else but i forgot it, o well
i was in a strict catholic school before for 10years.. we werent allowed to wear bracelets, dangling earrings, colored hair, body piercings, etc.. (in other words, something that could make you stand out and you could wear).. i think it's because that we are catholics that we were required to stay low.. and it also affects the image of the school..

compared to now.. that i moved here in the US.. where there were no actual dress codes in my school.. aside from gang colors that arent allowed.. it was like freedom for me.. but then it was such a hassle to think of the outfits you'd wear the next day.. and the day that follows.. pretty confusing

i guess school requirements are for students also to have a good reputation as well as the school.. but sometimes thru culture, religion, and beliefs, it varies.. not because in my new school we were given freedom it doesnt mean its not a recommendable school at all.. i think no matter how you dress up an individual, it wouldnt cover up what he/she can do..
Yes, I am ! Having spent 12 yrs in Catholic school systems wearning the bloody things every day I still am. Even at that time...a day or so ago.there was a lot of peer pressure and contention between the have and have nots...we all know the pressure kids have now to have the latest fashion article-regardless of family income.I believe it would take away a lot of stress , for both sexes, and allow them the pleasure of concentrating on learning and adding to their education in a more open relaxed state of mind .
Yes, because when children wear uniforms there is no way of trying to be prejudice among all in ethic based school systems. Whether you are rich or poor. Your uniforms will in my opinion keep things on an even kiln. As well as other school negativity's
ya i m favour of school uniform cuz of it nobody show off his money power against medium student
As a teacher at an alternative school, I say yes, though I never thought I'd say that when I became a teacher. Studies have shown that schools with uniforms have a higher success rate. Also, saying that uniforms take away individuality is a false argument when one looks at what students wear. They all dress the same according to click. The goths and punks buy from Hot Topic; everywhere you see South Pole, Hollister, Makevelli (not sure of the spelling), fitted hats, Nikes. Students don't dress individually, they dress as the crowd dresses.

Another thing that makes me in favor of uniforms is the drug problem. Some lines of clothing purposely put in hidden pockets and such so drugs can be hidden. This allows dealers to bring drugs into school where they do not belong. Uniform will help prevent this. Granted, students will still find a way to bring drugs to school, but uniforms will make it harder.
Well I can give u advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of wearing school uniform:
easier when u wake up in the morning coz u don't have to think about wat u have to wear.
Everyone is equal ( do not show poor/rich)
Show some sort of discipline

Can't show your individuality!
The uniforms are really EXPENSIVE

but in my opinion I like it coz, our school have comfortable uniforms and they look good (they have pretty good colours), and most of the school without uniforms (e.g in France) have to get good clothes to come to school!
and I think that not a lot of students would wear home-clothes, they would wear trendy clothes and this would show the differences between groups of people.

BUT IF EVERYONE WORE 'HOME-CLOTHES'! I WOULD DO TOO!! it would have been really good if they did coz then it would save money :P and it would have been much more comfortable!! therefore there is a big chance that people at school would concentrate!
I think the uniform is a great thing. The little ones won't get lost because the name of the school is printed or sowed on the jumpers if they get lost on some school outing...

Its handy for me as well,
I take ages in choosing in what I wear and I feel different in it... It tells us to be discipline in school and it gets us use to the daily life when we are older and get jobs...
I actually go to a school where there are no uniforms, and personally i would rather have it. Wearing uniforms makes it much easier, than having to pick clothes for school each day. I think i would also decrease the amount of people not following the dress code. Uniforms will also create a better environment because everyone will sort of be treated equally. For example at my school, everyone is judgemental in what you wear. Uniforms will bring secruity to the school and equality.
One bad thing about uniforms is that each person will not be able to really express themselves. Everyone will be the clones, and unable to show there own personality and unique self.
Overall i would not mind uniforms, if they were inforce in our schools.
well i already do and i have been doing so for the past 4 years so i don't really mind. they aren't strict on what we have to wear so it's cool

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