6th grade??

Question:tomarrow is the first day of school!!im going into 6th grade tell me everything i need to know about it


Oh, 6th grade rocks! The great thing about starting a new school, particularly middle school (with different classes and such) is that you are not the only one who is nervous or does not understand the system. Its the first day of school, everyone is nervous.
For your first day - Your outfit should say you all over it. Wear a band t-shirt, or if you are into sports, wear a shirt supporting your team. DONT wear a skirt! Remember that a new school level means a new maturity level (because there will be older students attending as well) and you don't want to give off the impression that you are cheap. Jeans work well, sweatpants are a no-no because you want to look chic, not like you just got out of bed. Wear your hair up, if you have long hair. It stays out of your face and teachers can get a good look at you.
Now, classes. Chances are, it will be a bigger school than your elementary school. This is not a problem because schools are usually divided up into sections (A, B, C, etc) and each room has a number in the section it is. Like, 12B. Often, if the number is higher than 20, it is on the second floor and if it is lower, first floor. Science classes usually have their own section, so if you are wandering around and find a bunch of science classes, remember the section letter!
If you see someone you don't know who is laughing, wearing something that supports something you support, or is talking to your friends, chances are they will be happy to meet you. Don't go up and talk to random people, there is a time and place for that LATER. Don't be afraid of the older kids, all of them went through the first day of middle school too. And most of them are willing to help if you get lost. That is a great way to make friends in higher grades (especially if you like mature people!)
Use your common sense. Is mouthing off a good idea? Of course not. I'm not going to tell you how to behave, I assume you know that.
Now, homeroom on the first day is usually a couple of hours long. Teachers put you through the handbook and such, and play name games. (Thats another thing, if you are worried about new people, ALL of the teachers should play name games on the first day to help you get to know other people) So homeroom is a good way to meet people, since you will be with them for a good two hours or so. Whoever you meet in your earlier classes and like, make sure you smile at them later in the day. They will remember that tomorrow!

I know this seems like a lot, but in reality, its just common sense. I'm not saying you don't have common sense, I'm just giving you pointers on whats going to hit you. Don't be afraid of middle school. Confidence will make people notice you (in a good way!) and teachers, too. All teachers love it when you offer to help them, do extra credit, and offer to help a struggling student. And remember, those teachers give you reccomondations to your classes next year, so be good!

I'm entering ninth grade in two weeks at a brand new school district (We are moving) So I know about being scared. But hold your friends close to you, and let the new ones come in.

And don't forget, if you are into High School Musical,

it sucks your bottom of the barrel just be nice and play it cool cause older kids like to push there wieght around just be carful and everything will be fine
I start 6th grade next monday, so I don't know much, but I can tell you this. you are probably lucker then I am. They never sent out my bus # and time, and I need to get my 'To Do List'
changed, and I have classes in the Basement (math, science, and possibly fine arts.) On the main floor ( Homeroom, Literature, Language Arts, Chorus,P.E. in a smelly locker room, and of course Lunch.) and upstairs (science.) The worst part? I gotta switch to upstairs from basement to main floor. Hope you have a better year than me! If you wanna talk or something you can e-mail me..at nkkosinski@yahoo.com
Just don't cause any trouble and you'll be fine. Don't have a big group of friends... that'll just give you grief.

6th grade is pretty easy, honestly. So have fun on your first day.
You will more likely than not hate middle school.
Don't draw attention to yourself, it'll only get you into trouble.
Stay away from drama or you will regret it when 8th grade comes around and it can very well follow you to high school.
Don't even think about dating or anything more than a hug until high school.
Don't hang with the bad crowd no matter how much you would like to be popular because it will get you into some deep ****.
Always know that it's not bad to be different and just because eveyone else is doing it, does not make it right nor does it mean that you have to do it too.
Don't stress out too much over grades in 6th grade but still do the best you can.
Be prepared for the adults being unfair and just total assholes.
If people pick on, ignore them. They're probably going to end up being deadbeats, anyway.
Be careful what secrets you tell people because they might spread it around.
You WILL be backstabbed at least once. Maybe not during 6th grade, but surely beofre you graduate.
If you like someone, don't go around telling all your friends.
Be yourself no matter what the situation.
Try your best to be a good friend, not screw them over.
Well it's harder than 5th was! I'm starting 7th on Wednesday & I'm totally excited & nervous at the same time. It's okay if you are nervous too because It's middle school. My advice pay attention to school work more than friends I didn't pay attention to school work & now I think I have learned my lesson. 6th grade is fun because you do different experiments & if you are in Denver,CO you get to go to International Towne which is totally fun! If you want e-mail me & I will tell you more about International Towne. Anyways...don't get into cliques because they never really turn out so great.
Hope I have helped...take my advice it will help,TRUST ME!
Poor u! I'm in the 11th...ur in for ALOT of homework and TOO many classes and teachers to deal with! You'll mostly likely hate it....believe me I did...but then when you get to high school you'll love it! Mainly b/c middle school don't get as much freedom as high school.Just be prepare for hours of homework from like maybe 4 different classes(thats the way it was at my school, not sure what ur's is like)..and annoying class changes!
6th grade was pretty cool for me. You get to do a whole lot of new stuff like you get lockers and 7-8 different teachers (depending on your school). You don't get recess, which wasn't a big deal to anybody in my school. Here are a couple tips that I could think of:

1. DONT RUN TO YOUR CLASSES! There is no need for you to run at all unless you are extremely late. Running everywhere will just make you seem more like a franticky little 6th grader.

2. Don't act like your all that just because you're in middle school now. You really aren't any of that.

3. Don't smart off to the older kids, or try to say something to make you look smart or funny. You may be smart in your grade, but most of the older kids are smarter than you. And don't remind them of the rules or tell them not to be mean or anything, then they really get annoyed. Mostly, if you stay quiet around the older kids, occasionally talking about how you didn't like this teacher or something, then they will like you and take you under their wing.

4. Don't try to stand up to any of the older kids. There really aren't any bullies that take your lunch money or whatever, but some kids do like to use words to get to you. If someone is bothering you, don't try to act tough and stand up to them, go tell a teacher or write a statement in the dean's office.

5. Have fun and try not to get involved in a lot of drama. Trust me, theres a whole ton of drama in middle school, and if you steer clear of the drama queens, you'll be happy.

6. You're only like 12 years old. YOU DONT NEED TO START DATING YET. You may think you're mature enough, but you're really not. You have plenty of time in high school. Middle school "dating" is really just some kids who say they are going out, but really all they do is walk around, occasionally holding hands, but they never actually go on dates.

Well there you go, that's all the stuff I could think of that annoyed me about 6th graders last year. But that was just that particular 6th grade class, they usually aren't that terribly annoying. 7th graders will be ok with you, cuz they were you last year, but 8th graders seem to get more agitated about 6th graders, so just stay out of their hair. Have fun!
may first day of 6th grade is the 27th. so can you email me the best answer.
i cant tell you everything...but i can give you tips..

1. always get ur HW done first
2. ask for help if ur struggling
3. memorize ur locker combo...
4. bring ur schedule to school with you
5. keep everything valuable u bring to school in ur locker!
6. make a check list so u dont forget anything
7. leave a sweatshirt/umbrella in ur locker
8. dont change to be popular
9. make lots of new friends
10. have a planner so you dont forget homework assignments/ special events
11. Have no more than 5 dollars in ur locker
12. Get to know your teachers
13. never give out ur locker combo!
14. have extra shoes/socks/clothes in ur locker

hope you have fun on ur 1st day!
OK heres some of the truth.. Once u get into 6th grade, there are a lot of kids that curse and do sick things mostly the popular kids( i was 1 but i didnt do stupid things like that) and even the nice girls in 5th grade turn more badder in 6th grade so be warned this could happen. 2nd rules are more stricter and there are less privilges to prepare u for middle school trust me im going to 7 and there are some science fair projects

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