Anyone have any good ideas...?

Question:for elementary school fundraisers? We've tried silent auctions, bake sales...the usual stuff. PTO Mom needs some ideas to raise funds to help out my daughters' school. Any suggestions?

my school had a carnaval/barbeque and we raised over 1000$ (ritzy neighbourhood!). the dunk tank (with teachers!) was particularily popular (2$/3 balls), bouncy castles, school bands performances, we had a student dj, concession stands, face painting. also dance-a-thons were pretty successful. hope this helps!
Garage sales are the best because you get everything for free. Everything is profit!
You might want to consider running a charity race night the sites below have some free useful advice.
my school has these fundraisers that give prizes to kids for how many items they sell

for example:
a chocolate brochure

if the kids sell 5 then they get candy or a light up pen or something
and then make the prizes better as the amount of sales goes up

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