Back to school question! please help?!?!?

Question:for school we have to have bookcovers for all of our books. Im sick of the ones you buy and want to be different. I want to make my bookcovers out of stores shopping bags. like the kind you sorta get from the market. but it has. You can use those for bookcovers, but I dont know how to make them. If you know how can you please tell me. I have no clue. So maybe a website would work. Please help!

Hey...I found you a video on this site...

what it doesn't show you is cutting out the bottom of the paper bag then cutting on 1 of the bags creases. Then pick up from the video

ps.:at the end where he fold the flaps on the inside of the book and tapes could, instead, tuck the back cover and front cover in the flaps. You'll better understand once you do it.
high skool = popularity contest lol make sure u get a sturdy bag like arden b or hollister

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