8th grade?

Question:How much harder is it than 7th?What is different?

8th grade can be a lot harder than 7th grade, or it can be a lot easier, it depends on what teachers you get. Most teachers will challenge you to do your best and get A's or B's, but there's some teachers who will let you slack off the whole class period. I had some of both, one of my teachers ran the class like we were all supposed to be perfect, and another only gave 5 tests/quizzes the entire year, including midterms and finals. The hardest teachers will be for the advanced classes, if you have any yet. Overall, it's not that bad going from 7th to 8th grade. If you're a good student, do all your work, and actually talk to some of your teachers and get to know them, you'll do great.
not much harder, just history is world history
Their is more homework, tests, and quizzes.
It's not realy much of a difference don't sweat it just focus on your work cause it can come back to bite ya if you slack off my brother got that bad habit and is making up credits so stay focus on the work
It's almost the same really. Same amount of homework, same friends, same drama...Just that your not a scrub anymore :)

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