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Question:It's that time of year again I am starting my 2nd year in high school are their any major differences in workload and stuff? Is it easier?

The workload is not that different but please heed this warning: Many people slack off their sophomore year (mostly because it feels like they've got the school figured out). I have seen many students let their grades slip or pick up bad habits sophomore year.
I can't count how many times I have heard "I can't have a D! That's not me!" or "My son/daughter has always gotten good grades. I don't know what happened this year." While the workload may not get too much harder, DO NOT allow yourself to slack off!
sophomore year really isn't much different than freshman year. some classes get harder since you are advancing in the level of difficulty, such as the next level of the foreign language and for me, and quite a few other people, geometry was harder than algebra. other than that its pretty much the same, though depending on your state you may have a standardized test. For instance in CT we had the CAPT which made those 2 weeks of sophomore year awful, but your state might not have something similar so don't worry about that I'm sure you would already know if you did.Good luck
Yes. Everything about high school that once seemed interesting to you is now DULL. Really. Workload I think is about the same, unless you add AP classes, then more intense. Oh yeah, you will feel like your the man cause your not a freshman anymore. :)
It's not that different than freshmen year. My advice would be to take a foreign language freshmen and sophmore year. Take easier classes during your junior and senior year.

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