Any advice for highschool?

Question:Okay, so I'm starting highschool on September 4th and I have no idea what i'm doing! I went to a Catholic school for 8 years so I don't have any idea what public school and buses and dressing the way I want is like. Any advice for a Freshman?

today was my brothers first day of school - he's a freshman too..i'll tell u the same thing i told him about high school ----

just relax, be yourself, get involved in somethin u like, and have fun. dont stress or worry about things too much. everythin will be fine. public schools are no big deal, you'll see, so just calm down, and have a good time!
I have no experience with Catholic schools, so please don't be offended if I tell you something that you already know.

The size of your school will influence many of the factors of your school life.

Not having to wear a uniform and getting to be so unique is wonderful! Just wear what looks good on you, and what you're happy with! :D

My usual days in public high school were as follows:

-Get ready for school.
-Go wait for the bus, usually 10 minutes early. Buses aren't on perfect schedules, and depending on where you live in relation to your school you'll get picked up at a different time. Contact your school to find out when the bus will come to your house, or have your parents do it for you.
-Ride the bus to school! Always an adventure, lol. There are differing numbers of kids of buses, as well as number of stops it makes. Make sure that you know which bus you need to get on at the end of the day to go home! Don't be afraid to go to the office at school to ask, in case you forget.
-Go to your homeroom class. The teacher will take attendance once the late bell rings, then you have homeroom. Homeroom lasts for varying lengths, depending on the school. Mine was really sort. We had roll-call, then the morning announcements.
-Periods 1-4. Follow your schedule and don't be afraid to ask where class-rooms are!
-Lunch-time was as follows, depending on grade (5: 12th and 11th grades, 6: 10th and 9th grades, 7: 8th and 7th grades).
-Periods 5-7
-Go home! And get on the right bus! :D
What out for freshmen lake!

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