6th grade!?

Question:ok,,so i am going to 6th grade next mondayy.and my school is in the middle of the country so our school was combined into a HUGE school 6-11 in one school!!what should i expect.what should i wear??

try to relax and enjoy the new atmosphere, of course you'll be nervous with kids who are much older than you but remember you have a whole class of students who are in the same boat. Try to give everyone you meet a chance. Where something you feel confident in but make sure it's comfortable.
I hated 6th grade...

Well, be prepared to expect much harder work. I'm an A & B student, and when I started 6th grade, I hadn't gotten C's & D's. That sucked big time!

But, I did know to pull my weight and pass to 7th grade. Once you go to 7th grade, that's when you start realizing what it's REALLY like to be a kid.
I've been there. Lol. We had the same kinda thing. Don't expect anything new, except your teachers are gonna be a bit more strict. But not much else will be new except the new homework and more of it. That and more rants about responsibilty. Don't wear anything unusual, just wear normal clothes. The kinda stuff you normally wear in your area.

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